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HomeRiver Group is a collection of the country’s best property management professionals.

Our Mission

HomeRiver Group’s mission is to be the premier national residential property management company in the United States, offering acquisition, renovation, leasing, management, maintenance and brokerage. We are intently focused on serving both owners and tenants, and are dedicated to a culture of integrity, superlative performance and respect.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and transparency in dealing with our clients, our residents, our vendors and each other.

Superlative performance: We offer superlative performance, including real-time responsiveness, cutting-edge technology, and best practices across our national brand, delivered by exceptional employees in a fun and rewarding team culture.

Respect: We treat others and each other with the same respect, sensitivity and consideration as we would hope to be shown ourselves.

Review our Service Standards

HomeRiver Group promotes diversity in our offices and residences. We believe all people should feel safe and be free from discrimination at home, at work, and in the community at large. We will continue to foster these values in all that we do and the communities we serve.

About Us

Brad van Rooyen is one the founders of HomeRiver Group® Miami, which got its start in Tampa. Since its early days as a mom-and-pop company, HomeRiver Group® Miami has grown into a regional powerhouse providing property management in Tampa and throughout Florida. We have managed more than 4,000 properties. Our clients include large companies like Progress Residential, Carrington Homes, and Colony American Homes. We also work with small clients who have only one or two investments and community associations.

We stand apart from other property management companies in Tampa because we do so much more. HomeRiver Group® Miami specializes in market analytics, provides an in-house maintenance service, and offers advice and assistance for clients who want to buy, sell, and renovate their investments. We’re big, but we’re flexible, and we stay on the cutting edge of developing technologies and industry best practices.

Recently, we’ve partnered with HomeRiver Group to provide outstanding, streamlined service that better protects and promotes our clients and their properties. With HomeRiver Group, we’re able to contribute to the resources and expertise of a national leader while maintaining our special focus on Florida and its real estate rental market.

We would love to tell you more about our purpose, our values, and our mission.

When you’re ready for professional property management in Miami reach out to the team at HomeRiver Group® Miami.

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