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4 Effective Rental Property Accounting Tips

Property Management Blog
Did you know that 82% of businesses fail because they don't manage their cash flow well?As a landlord, it's essential to keep your finances in order.Rental property accounting can be tricky, but you can make it a lot easie... read more >>

A Miami Landlord's Guide to Rent Collection

Property Management Blog
Over 48 million households in the U.S. rent places to live. As a landlord, this offers job security for your business. To have a profitable rental property business, you must focus on several things, including the following:C... read more >>

How to Become a Section 8 Landlord in Miami

Property Management Blog
Are you a landlord in the Miami area who's looking for a steady supply of tenants and the promise of regular rent? If so, you may want to consider signing up to be a part of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Also k... read more >>

Security Deposits: What Landlords Should Know

Property Management Blog
You know that about 90% of the world's millionaires made their fortunes with real estate investments. That's why you chose to invest in a few residential properties to help bring in more income.One of the more confusing as... read more >>

How to Evict a Tenant: The Basics Explained

Property Management Blog
The number of people evicted in various parts of the world changes yearly. If you're a property manager or landlord dealing with a tenant you need to evict, you've come to the right place.There are laws to familiarize your... read more >>

Three Techniques for Tenant Screening

Property Management Blog
With more than 100 million renters across the country, owning a property and being a landlord is a great way to boost your income. While it is a great opportunity, there are some potential downfalls as well. These mainly occu... read more >>

3 Essential Techniques for Property Marketing

Property Management Blog
As any busy landlord knows, a vacant unit is money going down the drain. If you've been battling those dreaded vacancies, you're in luck! Using property marketing techniques you can attract tenants to your open units fast.... read more >>
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